Inspire for Management Excellence (IME) is a capacity development social enterprise established in May 2018 aiming to have social impact in Sudan and other countries. IME was founded by a team of three professional individuals with the same passion to enhance people’s skills and confidence as well as improving organizational systems. IME registered as a Private Limited company under Commercial Register of Ministry of Justice in Sudan

Financial Management For Development Professionals Training (FMD Pro.)

Group size: Maximum: 20
Length: 5 days
Duration: 22 - 26 Mar
Location/City: Khartoum
Closing Date: 22 March 2020

This course is primarily aimed at staff in small to medium-sized NGOs who are involved in program implementation and/or the management and control of financial resources.  
It is designed specifically for:

  • Non-financial managers and officers who want to improve practice in financial planning, control and reporting, and 
  • Finance officers interested in developing their financial management skills and knowledge to improve finance systems and support for program staff. 

Previous financial management experience or training is not a requirement for this course.


All NGO staff have an important role to play in ensuring effective and proper use of financial resources during program implementation.

During this five-day course, you will learn the key principles of good financial management and how to apply them in your workplace.

Designed in a highly participatory style, this course will build your skills and confidence in how to:

  • Integrate good financial management systems into operations management
  • Manage and control financial resources more efficiently and effectively.

Key discoveries 

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Describe key tools and concepts which help an organization achieve good practice in financial management
  • Build and use effective budgets, including project and donor budgets and cash flow forecasts
  • Explain which accounting records we need to keep and why
  • Describe the key processes and methods used to keep accounting records
  • Use financial reports to monitor project performance and identify actions to keep project finances on track
  • Explain how internal controls protect NGO assets and minimize the risk and impact of fraud and errors
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your NGO’s financial management system  

Learning approach 

Our training puts the learner at the center, using practical and fun learning activities supported by easy-to-use materials. We share tools and techniques that can be immediately used in your work.

The training can also be delivered as one day essential courses:

  • Financial Planning
  • Accounting Records
  • Financial Monitoring &Reporting
  • Internal Controls 

How to sign up  Contact the Registration Team at  for more information. 

Certification exam:

The FMD Pro certification exam is available on-line via APMG International; the exam will be invigilating by IME. The certification requires the candidate to successfully complete the FMD Pro certification examination. The 85-question multiple-choice examination is taken on-line and requires test-takers to demonstrate that they know and understand the content of the Guide to the FMD Pro. for those who don’t want to take the exam they will get attendee certificate from IME and Humentum.

Training fees:

Rate in USD for international NGOs

700 $

Rate in USD for Local NGOs / CSOs

550 $

Rate in USD for individuals            

400 $   for individuals who booked in first 10 seats.


We are ready to conduct in-house workshops provide a cost-effective solution to your professional and organizational training needs, if you have 10 staff members and more and want us to provide this training for you in your location, please feel free to discuss with us.


  How to register:

To register, please follow the link to the event page on our website to enrol and complete your registration Or you can complete the attached registration form and send it back to ,  , or


Don`t hesitate to contact if you have any questions, I will be happy to help.


Daily program Timing:

This course will be held daily from 9 am-5 pm, with two 15-minute breaks and a 60-minute lunch. Times subject to change based on location.

Day 1:

Welcome and overview

  • Introductions, expectations and program overview

Key concepts of financial management

  • What is financial management and why is it important for NGOs?

  • Structure and governance of NGOs

  • Good practice frameworks: Seven principles and four building blocks of financial management

  • Financial management systems: the health check approach

  • Financial management systems: key organizing tools

Day 2:

Financial Planning:

  • Financial planning process

  • Types of budgets and their function

  • Practical approaches to building good budgets

  • Donor budgets and budget narratives

  • Consolidated budgets and core costs

  • Cash flow forecasting

Day 3:

Accounting Records

  • Which records should you keep?

  • Practical accounting basics: advances, cash book and petty cash

  • The accounting process: cash or accruals

  • Producing simple financial reports

  • Procurement: process, people and paperwork

Day 4:

Financial Monitoring:

  • Financial information: who needs what, when and why?

  • Understanding financial statements

  • Using budget monitoring reports

  • Taking action to keep things on track: variances, out of date budgets and exchange rates

  • Overview of donor reporting

Day 5:

Internal Controls:

  • The four internal control actions

  • The role of audit

  • Fighting fraud, bribery and corruption

Summary and close:

  • Evaluation and Certificates

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